Sales & Consignments

ConsignmentsWe offer customers looking to sell or upgrade their diamonds and fine jewelry with the option of either a cash-out or our consignment service. In a consignment, the customer (consignor) retains the legal ownership of the goods until the sale is completed according to their instructions, entrusting us as an agent (consignee) with the custody, care and marketing of the goods for the purpose of sale on their behalf to a buyer willing to pay the targeted price; all products in our possession will be insured against any theft or damage to fully protect customers.

The process starts with inspecting the goods to assess their condition and value, to decide whether any reconditioning would be worthwhile to increase their value and marketability; we then agree on a price to market the goods and the method of marketing.

Upon agreeing on all the details, we provide you paperwork showing your instructions and clearly indicating that customers retain the ownership of the goods while transferring the possession to us for the purpose of sale and the agreed upon fees for this service, which is typically set to 10% of the sales proceeds.

Please contact us to arrange for an appointment to discuss your needs and receive quality time and undivided attention.