InsuranceWhy carry jewelry insurance?

Your favorite pieces of jewelry are more than valued possessions; they are reflections of who you are and symbols of your feelings for loved ones and life-long relationships. Protecting them from theft, damage, disappearance or loss is as natural and important as protecting anything of great value.

Jewelry is more than a monetary investment

Consider everything that goes into a jewelry purchase, from the time spent shopping and working with a jeweler to customize/engrave the piece, to choosing the perfect time and place to present it. Jewelry is best enjoyed when you can wear it with the peace of mind that you can celebrate what it symbolizes for a lifetime without any worries.

Preserving memories for a lifetime

Jewelry serves as a physical reminder and connection to life’s most cherished memories, such as an anniversary band that reminds you of the day you were married, the watch that your father gave you on your graduation and the diamond tennis bracelet you bought yourself after a promotion. Protecting jewelry with jewelry insurance helps preserve your special moments and memories.

Jewelry should be worn, not locked away

An engagement ring, an heirloom necklace, matching earrings and pendants are some examples of things that should be worn, enjoyed, and lived in, as opposed to being locked away in a safe. This is why so many of our customers make jewelry insurance part of their jewelry purchase or gift.

Why look to the jewelry insurance experts

We’ve seen the tears of joy in customers’ eyes when a treasured piece of jewelry, presumed lost, is painstakingly recreated and delivered into their hands. Every detail, facet and minute engraving absolutely matter and only jewelry insurance experts who understand well how every piece of jewelry is as unique as its owner can fulfill this promise.

How to obtain jewelry insurance

We will work with your choice of an insurance company or provide you with recommendations on reputable companies to purchase your policy from. We can also work with you and your insurance carrier to establish the policy before you walk out the door. We keep track of all the details of your purchases, including custom-made jewelry, so replacements are made to the exacting details of your original piece.